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 The methodology behind enolve is validated by scientific studies featuring over 15,000+ participants in 20+ studies. 

Researchers have shown that organizations will be more successful when differentiating problems and solutions (according to a study of 90+ teams). 

But besides that, we’ve also had much excitement and positive feedback from our early adopters!

RebeccaTeam Leader
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"It was like unlocking that one problem that I didn’t realize I’d been ruminating about for a long time was an actual key step in unlocking other problems. It freed up my mind to think in a solution oriented fashion. It was really helpful!"
ChristinaSocial Worker
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"It reminds me of treatment plans from psychology, where you set goals and actionable, smaller steps to get them met. Your tool is definitely helpful to break an issue down and assess possible ways to address it. The value goals help to get at the inner need that the problem is compromising. That is very good thinking!"
AnnaPhD Candidate
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"I am genuinely thrilled! It has me invigorated and excited! I genuinely love the product and concept. It’s like I have been looking for a solution like this my whole life and I never thought one would exist."
SarayOrganizational Psychologist
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"I would say that enolve is useful in that it is a practical skill set that is easy enough to follow and can be applied in many situations. From everyday problems to more emotional issues, as well. It helps develop critical thinking to assess our problems and goals and helps people think outside the box when thinking up possible solutions."
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"It helped me identify a problem that I kept running into. We identified practical steps to take that help resolve that problem. After pairing the problem with the potential solutions, I found something that really worked for me. I learned some really tangible steps to help reach that desired outcome."
MasikaCollege Student
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"It’s life changing! As college students, we have 1000s of problems. It helped me see another angle that I couldn’t see before. It sounds easy but it’s actually very effective"
MattCoach & Marketer
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"This App has always blown my mind. I can see how it can help people progress much faster than thinking things through or even having lengthy discussions. Not to mention the benefit of seeing other people who have the same issues and how they're dealing with them. Well done for making such a powerfully progressive platform that enables problem solving on a community level."
NellieOrganizational Psychologist
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"The mapping approach to problems is definitely useful. It helps me look at things and put things in perspective so I don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed. It gives me a really good framework to look at problems and solutions. enolve has changed my life and is definitely revolutionizing things. I look at problems in a whole new way. That app is going to be very helpful."
MinaCompany Director
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"The change that we could create with enolve is extraordinary. I’m so excited about it"
ZachRelationship Counselor
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"I like to look at my problem through multiple lenses to see if I have the right solution – and this is exactly what the enolve method does! It’s effective, fun, and simple!"
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"I learned to identify my needs and my problems. It helped me to stay more focused on myself. I have been feeling safer and like I can better rely on myself. It gives you the opportunity to live the best life of your’s!"
BrandonService Agent
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"The experience was a nice reminder that even though I might go through the same process everyday, having another mind look at it might lead to more helpful and better conclusions – to get out of the rut I sometimes get stuck in. Having a dedicated process to do that is always super helpful"
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"Structuring problems specifically in relation to the feelings associated with the problem is a good way to create a solution for it"
BriannaVegan Mom
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"If everyone can, as a whole, come together and problem solve, we might move forward as a collective"
JacquesPhilosopher / Poet
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"What you are providing is a mindset. A wordview, that is fundamentally technical, in concepts of problems and solutions. It's fresh and it isn't weighed down by politics. It's way to empower the individual! I honestly think this could help an enormous amount of people."
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"it really has helped me a lot because I can organize my thoughts and return to them for analysis again later on, to have more solutions. It’s not magic, but it makes the wheel round, easily!"
KenichiProduction Assistant
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"It felt like you were genuinely trying to get to know me, my life, and my past and were able to get me even more clarity and asked the questions that I wasn’t even aware of, myself"
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"It pinpointed the main areas of what I do want and what I don’t want, so I can work emotionally around those points. It was very fast to connect to the points of what’s easiest right now, or what’s most relaxing right now. It was comforting for me that you didn’t push me. Normally people give pushy advice, but this never pushed me into anything"
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"These are absolutely brilliant algorithms. Simple, precise, articulate, elegant. I love it"
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