Our Methodology

The enolve app is powered by a simple concept: 3 symbols that each represent one aspect of problem solving. This concept is easy to learn and quickly becomes intuitive. You can even do it with sticky notes on a whiteboard! 

A new language for problem-solving

Communicating about abstract concepts such as problem solving is not only cognitively challenging, it can also lead to misunderstandings.

Information about problems and solutions that’s usually implicit and inferred is made explicit and specific with the enolve method. “Terminal Goals” symbolized by the cloud icon with the heart shape inside, represent our needs, wants, and desires: The success criteria for a solution.


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Collaborative mind-mapping and solution-storming

Improve Communication

Enolve makes abstract, hidden information tangible, visible and explicit

Enhance Understanding

Create a shared knowledge base for staff training & cohesive team culture

Accelerate Progress

Supercharge your team’s ability with enhanced problem-solving & decision making

Human centric process improvement:Powerful benefits in one simple system

Relief & Clarity

Offload overwhelming stressor and become clear on what matters. Enolve employs techniques from cognitive psychology to help you focus.


Enolve gives you a step by step framework to create systemic improvements with creative, outside the box ideas. Also enolve offers change management solutions.


Cut the clutter and focus on what matters: Enolve will help you identify and remove bottlenecks that stifle productivity. Enter a flow state and get done what matters.

Complexity Management

Making the right decision in complex environments can be overwhelming. As a cause and effect diagram, Enolve is a recommended tool for “decision intelligence”.


What drives you? What’s important to you? Enolve helps you become clear, focus on it, remove distractions, and supercharge your willpower and your capacity to achieve.


Better understand the world around you and your own self. Awareness of your own thoughts, as well of those of team mates and co-workers brings everyone on the same page and boosts intelligence.

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