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The Mentor Match Foundation by enolve is a Marketing Coalition of
Life Coaches who cooperate to grow their businesses.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together!

Advertising under one unified brand and cooperating
with other life coaches has countless benefits:

Life coaching niches

More reach & visibility without hours of content creation

No spammy, unethical, or high pressure tactics

Harness economies of scale to grow your business

Leverage synergies & share marketing resources

Mutual support & collaboration with other experts

Get more paying coaching clients, effortlessly!

…and more! (full list of benefits below)

Get Paid to Find Solutions to Problems!

We believe professional mentors, healers, therapists, and life coaches should be
well compensated for their work, and have adequate work/life balance
while also making a significant difference in their client’s lives.

That’s why we are launching a marketing cooperative for value aligned coaches
who are working to increase the demand for coaching,
while bringing down the overhead costs for sales & advertising.

Stop investing hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars to churn the algorithm of some big social media company…

Join forces with other coaches to beat the social-media algorithm! 

An innovative platform that works FOR you

Work smarter, not harder and stop hustling:

Our patent-pending system efficiently connects you with new clients!

We are not here to coach coaches on how to find coaching clients…

We have a brand new technology platform that takes care of 90% of the sales and advertising process FOR YOU!

To maintain our competitive advantage in the personal-development market, and to protect our community from predatorial business gurus and scammers, we have decided to keep the details of our system secret, and make them available to approved members only.

If you want to find out how it works, add your name to the waitlist by filling out an application, or participate in our market research survey.

 [Learn more about our technology] 

Our Goals for enolve's Mentor Match Foundation:

Less Competition, More Collaboration:

Instead of competing against each other for clients, coaches can focus on collaboration and support, leading to a healthier and more positive professional environment.

A Support Network to Leverage Collective Expertise:

In a cooperative, life coaches can collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences. This collaboration can lead to new ideas, strategies, and approaches, enriching each coach’s skill set. Working in a cooperative also provides a support system among coaches. They can share challenges, successes, and resources, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Enhanced Visibility & Wider Audience Reach:

By pooling resources and advertising under a unified brand, life coaches can significantly increase their visibility in the market. A cohesive brand presence can attract more potential clients, as it creates a stronger and more recognizable identity. In addition, a unified brand can appeal to a broader audience, catering to different coaching needs and demographics. This can result in attracting clients that individual coaches may not have been able to reach on their own.

Reputable, Consistent Branding & Pre-established Trust:

A unified brand ensures consistency in messaging, visuals, and overall brand identity. Consistency builds recognition and strengthens the brand’s impact on potential clients. If the cooperative has already gained a positive reputation in the market, life coaches benefit from being associated with that reputation. Trust and credibility are critical in the coaching industry, and a reputable brand can help build that trust.



Cross-Referrals and Joint-venture Opportunities:

Coaches within the cooperative can refer clients to one another based on their individual specialties, leading to a more comprehensive and client-centric approach. Collaborations on certain projects are also possible, bringing collective expertise to the table.

Pooled Resources & Shared Success Metrics:

Marketing expenses can be substantial when working independently. Joining a cooperative allows life coaches to share these costs, making it more affordable for each member to access effective marketing strategies and platforms. The cooperative can set collective goals and success metrics, fostering a sense of shared achievement and motivation among the coaches.

Specialization Opportunities & Clear Niche Assignment:

A marketing cooperative can enable coaches to specialize in specific niches while still benefiting from the larger brand’s marketing efforts. This allows them to focus on their areas of expertise without worrying about broader marketing aspects.

Diversified Marketing Channels & Economies of Scale:

Coordinating marketing efforts across coaches allows for a more diverse range of marketing channels. From social media to content marketing to events, the cooperative can explore various avenues to attract clients effectively. With a unified approach, the cooperative can negotiate better deals with service providers or achieve better conversions on advertising platforms, ultimately resulting in cost savings for each coach.

Coaching makes the world a better place by unlocking human potential...

Your wisdom can help more people achieve their dreams!

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