App Features

Our software for desktop, tablet and mobile devices gives you a login and password to your own problem solving sphere so that you can organize your problems, develop solutions, and keep track of progress – alone or with a team.

Benefits & Uses

Space For You

Record Problems, Goals and Solutions on color-coded notes to clear your mind

Make Connections

Connect problems, goals, and solutions to better understand their causes

Secure & Collaborative

Work alone, join others in private, or submit notes to a public community to get help

Actionable Metrics

Get insights and charts about unsolved problems and find the best solutions

Organize Seamlessly

Sort and tag your notes in nested spheres for distraction-free organization

Social & Democratic

Comment and vote on all Problems, Goals or Solutions

Advanced Technical features

Reference Frame Shifting

Quickly navigate the node network from various perspectives

Recursive Context Mapping

Accurately define problem, strategies, and outcomes

Deep Root Cause Analysis

Solve problems of arbitrary complexity with AI assistance

Custom, Parameterized Sphere Views

Get insights and actionable metrics with one click

CRUD+ Management & Permissions

Maintain full control over who can view & edit content

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