We all have problems.  We can’t escape problems.  The question is: how deeply do we think about our problems?  Do we even realize everything that is involved with a problem?  Wouldn’t you want to have an answer for EVERY problem? 

These questions can be solved with enolve!! Enolve is a unique problem solving system that explores problems, goals, and solutions.  Enolve fosters collaboration, which is so powerful because having a shared mastermind to identify violated terminal goals and real solutions provides a much richer understanding and solution set.  Enolve provides an effective mind map approach that allows users to see the interconnectedness of problems, goals, and solutions.  What a powerful “solution storm!”

Every problem has a root cause. Some problems go deep and are connected to problems unresolved in the past.  In contrast, other problems are an issue because they affect the future.  And, once we figure out the problem at hand, we must understand what this problem violates for us in terms of our needs, wants, goals, or desires?  Think: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, if you will.  Once we have clarity about the problem and its violated goal, what are some actionable solutions we can take?  Rarely do any of us want to sit with a problem without finding resolution!

In enolve, symbols represent problems, goals and solutions.  Problems are depicted with a red “X,” goals are shown with a blue “cloud with a heart inside,” and the solutions are shown with a green “checkmark.”  To demystify the abstraction of enolve, we have created an online whiteboard, sticky note system using red sticky notes to write out problems, blue sticky notes to showcase terminal goals, and green sticky notes to record actionable solutions.  

Enolve can be used to examine problems related to personal development, workplace challenges, and social justice or “wicked” problems.  The enolve framework is powerful in examining a problem, understanding what it is violating in terms of our needs, and guiding solution-finding.

The enolve system is simple enough for anyone to use and it is universal and versatile to utilize without having any special training.  Enolve offers digital video courses, coaching programs, and mastermind “think tank” sessions. Our newest offering is the enolve LIVE show held weekly on the enolve facebook group: Evolve- Problem Solving (Personal & Professional). This broadcast features the enolve problem-solving process with the help of a guest, live on the broadcast, along with a LIVE chat for participants. 

Enolve is an innovative communication technology that will revolutionize the way we all look at problems. When the patent-pending app is released in the coming months and beta testing is complete, enolve will be available to users via the app on all electronic devices as well as to businesses for a subscription service to have their own problem solving sphere.   

We will keep you up to date on news and development with enolve. You will benefit from the enolve approach! We appreciate your support as you become a part of the enolve movement!  

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