Demystifying enolve!

We all have problems.  We can’t escape problems.  The question is: how deeply do we think about our problems?  Do we even realize everything that is involved with a problem?  Wouldn’t you want to have an answer for EVERY problem?  These questions can be solved with enolve!! Enolve is a unique problem solving system that […]

2021: Flip The Script

“Life is not about the destination; it is about the journey.” I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason and my life was about to completely change! As we go through life, we go through so many different stories. A year ago, I was a completely different person. A year from now, I will […]

Inventor Discovers Method to Solve Systemic Problems

A new technology to help humanity solve complex issues has recently been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. German-American inventor Oliver Siegel developed a computer based system that citizens can use to collaborate democratically and solve the world’s most complicated political and economic issues that impact our society, such as climate change, […]

How We Shut Down What We Want

One thing I’ve learned about myself in the last year or so is how much I shut down what I want. Somehow the world taught me that what I want is not acceptable, that I should only want what seems reasonable, doable, or won’t inconvenience others. So I rarely even acknowledge that I want something. […]

The Practice of Truly Enjoying Time Off

So I took the whole month of June off, just as I did in December — I’m standing for time off not only for myself, but as something I think is important for everyone. It wasn’t easy to take this month off. I had to make arrangements, sell it to my team and clients, get […]

Everything is a Practice

I have a client who has completely changed his life — it’s been a complete transformation, and it is breathtaking. One of the most powerful things he’s brought into his life is the practice of self-compassion. It changed everything, once he started bringing this into what he did. But one of the next most powerful […]