Collaboratively inventory problems, goals, and solutions

The enolve app allows users to post problems and connect them to solutions in public or private problem solving spheres.  

Open your own sphere to map out your thoughts and ideas, or invite others to collaborate with you using our universal problem-solving framework.

Easily manage complex problems

Ever tried solving a difficult puzzle in your head? It is much easier if you can see it in front of you. Mapping problems, goals, solutions, and their connections do not just lower the cognitive effort required for problem-solving, it also allows for easy collaboration.

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App Functionality

Our patent-pending app employs a few core features that enable its powerful functionality. While these might sound abstract and complicated at first, once you understand the enolve method, using these features becomes natural and intuitive.

Spheres: Sort & collaborate

Inventory: Collect & connect
Socialize: Rank & comment
Mapping: Browse recursively
Connect in multiple directions
Alternative descriptions
Every problem & solution ever

Popular around the world

Enolve works in any country, any culture, and for any problem.

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Make the world a better place

Find solutions to your own problems or help others fix to the world’s most pressing and complex issues. Clear your mind while inspiring progress, innovation, and finding creative outside-the-box solutions. Becoming an expert problem solver is fun, easy with enolve. Join our collaborative effort today!

Solving problems in 4 easy steps


Create a new, empty sphere


Add entries: goals, problems & solution ideas


Connect the entries into a tree-web


Invite collaborators to browse and add to your tree-web

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