2021: Flip The Script

“Life is not about the destination; it is about the journey.” I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason and my life was about to completely change! As we go through life, we go through so many different stories. A year ago, I was a completely different person. A year from now, I will be a whole new me as well. I want to share my story about how the pandemic gave me pause to re-evaluate the real me.

My name is Nellie Medow and I believe I was destined to be co-founder of enolve. My transformation began this February when I received an email for a virtual workshop featuring notable motivational speakers. Their message hit home and I knew it was time to flip the script and find my new challenge and purpose! As a result, I decided to pursue psychology, my true passion, as I have always been fascinated with how people think and behave. In conjunction, decision intelligence is on the forefront of my intellectual pursuits.

In my old story, I am a veteran middle school teacher with a masters degree in curriculum design, running my own tutoring company. On the personal front, I am a mother of three active boys and a dog, as well as a wife to my supportive husband, who has cheered me on from the day we met. In my new story, I am a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in organizational psychology, with a focus on leadership and executive coaching.

As part of my professional journey this summer, I created a Facebook community for organizational psychologists. My group grew rather quickly, and I am proud of myself for growing this community to 1,000 members in only four months! I never thought of myself as a social media person, but I now manage four Facebook communities. Through my group, I met Oliver Siegel, the inventor of enolve. Oliver and I started talking about cognitive psychology and I shared some of my research on decision intelligence with him. After a few conversations, we realized we were on the same wavelength and I knew it was my mission to work with him on enolve.

I have always been fascinated with technology and psychology. What I didn’t realize until only recently was how these two fields drive my understanding of myself and others, thereby impacting my actions. enolve has changed my story once again and I learned that I am a girl who loves STEM, and I want to empower women to find out who they really are and stamp out their limiting beliefs.

Although I was fascinated with the enolve system from the videos Oliver initially showed me, enolve was a bit abstract. I knew I was meant to figure out his technology system, so I had Oliver teach me the complexities of enolve. One day, I had an epiphany and I told Oliver how I would approach enolve with a class of students. Together, we devised a concrete, sticky note system using an online white board corresponding with the three enolve symbols. This marked the beginning of our digital courses that fused our ideas together, very much like yin and yang, the logo of enolve. We have created two courses, pertaining to personal development. Moreover, we are creating a program for business professionals, who will be able to use enolve collaboratively to solve problems with a deeper understanding about root causes and terminal goals.

In my newest story, I am becoming more comfortable with public speaking. I created numerous videos for our digital courses, as well as video advertisements for our marketing campaign. Additionally, I participate in a few live streams for enolve, in addition to my own broadcasts on my Facebook group. Further, I even published my debut video on Tik Tok as Miss enolve! Additionally, I will be speaking to a group of i/o psychology students, sharing my wisdom about the field and potential job opportunities. I will share how enolve is going to be the “it” technology tool for the i/o psychology field.

My journey is not over. In fact, it changes regularly as I grow and develop into the leader I know I am. I have met many colleagues and friends on this journey, and I am fortunate for all of their help. I enjoy daily engagement with my social media platform, allowing me to foster interesting and important conversations, as well as empower others to be brave and vulnerable and change their story, too. I appreciate the support from my family, friends, mentors and enolve’s founder, Oliver Siegel, without whom I would not have had the confidence to change my story!

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